The Aquatic Mechasaurus is an unnamed Mechasaurus that appeared in Episode 13 of Getter Robo.


The Aquatic Mechasaurus has the appearance of a bipedal dinosaur with a navy blue hide and a light blue underbelly. It has purple bands around it’s arms, a green fin on top of it’s head and going down the back of the neck, two yellow eyes, and two fangs. It’s tail is the only mechanical part shown.


Emperor Gore sends out a Mechasaurus to distract the Getter team from the construction of a sea site that he plans to build. When the Mechasaurus starts attacking boats around the area, Musashi, Ryoma, and Hayato check it out with Michiru. Musashi spots a boat exploding, so he and the others combine into Getter-3. As they investigate underwater, the Aquatic Mechasaurus appears underneath them and attacks them. Getter Robo was about to attack back, but the Aquatic Mechasaurus tries to swim away. However, Getter Robo manages to reach it’s tail and swing it around. Before it retreats, Getter Robo fires it’s missiles and destroys the tail. Later, the Aquatic Mechasaurus is seen destroying another ship, alerting the Getter team again. When Emperor Gore sees that Musashi is not piloting Getter Bear(due to him practicing for an important Judo contest), he sends out Mesa to attack Getter Robo. After the appearance of Mesa, the Aquatic Mechasaurus is never shown again.


Adapted Swimmer: The Aquatic Mechasaur can swim through water.

Mouth Missiles: The Aquatic Mechasaur can shoot two missiles out of it’s mouth.


  • It is unknown what happened to the Aquatic Mechasaurus once Mesa had arrive in the episode, but it can be assumed that it perished in the explosion that destroyed the underwater base.
  • It is the first Mechasaurus to not be given a name within the show.
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