Airportron(エアポートロン Eapōtoron) is a Geister Robo that appeared in Episode 8 of Brave Exkaiser.


Being made from a landing zone, Airportron has a flat body that can bend at five points. It has two small, stubby arms with each one ending with three claws and has a monstrous face with yellow blank eyes and a fanged mouth.


When a supersonic jet called Condor is coming by to Japan to show off to many people, Dino Geist sees it as a valuable treasure. So by his command, Ptera Geist is sent out to get the jet. While the jet is at an airport where everyone, including Kouta and his friends, get to explore inside, Ptera Geist appears and drops a bunch of Energy Boxes on the landing zone of the airport. Once the Energy Boxes are set off, the landing zone starts to shake, making the Condor take an emergency take-off with everyone inside, despite the lack of fuel they have. Ptera Geist gets the landing zone to capture the Condor with tentacles from the sides, but the jet was able to escape. Kouta looks out to find that the landing zone has turned into a Geister Robo called Airportron. Kouta calls Exkaiser for help, so Exkaiser heads toward the airport while contacting the Max Team for back-up. With only ten minutes until the Condor runs out of fuel, Exkaiser confronts Airportron and fights against it. However, the Geister Robo proves to be too powerful against Exkaiser. Dash Max and Drill Max arrive to help out Exkaiser, but despite the three of them attacking at the same time, Airportron shows little to no effect against the attacks. So Exkaiser summons King Loader and combines with it into King Exkaiser to continue fighting against Airportron. Dash Max and Drill max start to fight against Ptera Geist while Sky Max is helping out the Condor. As soon as Sky Max arrives at the fight, the Max Team combine into God Max and help out with King Exkaiser with Airportron. God Max uses God Sonic Buster to bind Airportron with energy rings, allowing Exkaiser to summon his Kaiser Blade and use Thunder Flash to slice Airportron's upper body, destroying the Energy Boxes but keeping the landing zone it was created from in one piece. The deactivated Geister Robo crashes back down in place on the ground, allowing the Condor to land with the Kaiser's help.


Grapple Tentacles: Airportron has an array of tentacles that it can use to grab it's target.

Fire Breath: Airportron can breathe out fire from it's mouth.

Claw Hands: Airportron has three claws on each hand that it uses for combat.

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