Abdullah X (アブドーラX Abudōra X) is a Metal Fighter that appeared in Episode 2 of Red Baron.


Abdullah X’s entire body has a dull white color with red and dark blue outlines. It has two red spikes on it shoulder guards and a red crest around it’s head.


During another Metal Fight match, Abdullah X, piloted by Jihad the Stronger, was the next opponent against King Hanuman and his Garuda X. When the match starts, Abdullah X charges towards Garuda X and kicks Garuda EZ’s side. However, Garuda EX grabs a hold of Abdullah X’s leg and throws the Metal Fighter up in the air. When Abdullah X crashes to the ground, Hanuman insults Jihad. So Jihad has Abdullah X use Stronger Cutter where blades come out of Abdullah X’s wrist. Abdullah X charges towards Garuda EZ, but King Hanuman uses Garuda EZ’s King Lariat attack and has is smash it’s turbine rotor wrist through Abdullah X’s abdomen, knocking off the upper-half body. Jihad ejects from Abdullah X before both halves blow up, letting Garuda EX win another match.


Stronger Cutter: Abdullah X can flip out two sickle blades from his wrist.


  • Abdullah X may have gotten it’s name from the Japanese professional wrestler, Abdullah Kobayashi
    • The name Abdullah comes from the Arabic meaning of “Servant of God”
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