3-Legged Battle Machine is an unnamed Battle Machine that appeared in Episode 2 of Armorer Fleet Dairugger XV.


The 3-Legged Battle Machine has an entirely gray body with a dome-shaped torso and 3 legs. It has three red eyes with two antennas and has 3-tubed shoulder cannons. On it’s right arm is a laser cannon and on it’s left arm is a triangular claw.


After Captain Rackal informs Commander Teles about the Rugger Guard’s Rugger Team and how they claimed the planet that the Galveston Empire discovered first, he suggest to attack them now while they still can. Despite Commander Teles saying to accept the defeat, Captain Rackal goes back to the planet for another attack. Rackal gets his forces to fight the Rugger Guard in space and the Rugger Team on the planet. However, after the Rugger Team destroy his forces that he sent to the planet, he orders for a Battle Machine to be sent out. So a 3-Legged Battle Machine is sent to the planet where it starts firing at the Rugger Team. The Rugger Team use their Fighting Formation and combine into Dairugger XV. Once formed, Dairugger XV fires it’s attacks, but the 3-Legged Battle Machine dodges them all and knocks down Dairugger. Seeing how powerful the Battle Machine is, Aki is told to use the Dairugger Sword. So Dairugger summons the Dairugger Sword and jumps up into the sky to lay the death blow. The 3-Legged Battle Machine flies straight up into the sky as well and fires it’s Laser Cannon Arm at Dairugger. Fortunately, Dairugger XV manages to endure the attack and successfully slices the Battle Machine down the middle with the Dairugger Sword, destroying it and stopping Captain Rackal’s attack on them.


Laser Cannon Arm: In place for the right arm, the 3-Legged Battle Machine has a cannon that can fire a red beam. When fired alongside with the Claw Arm, the base of the Combat Machine’s antennas light up.

Pincher Claw Arm: In place for the left arm, the 3-Legged Battle Machine has a triangular pincher claw that can fire two red beams from the two tips. When fired alongside with the Laser Cannon Arm, the base of the Battle Machine’s antennas light up.

Shoulder Missile Launchers: On the 3-Legged Battle Machine’s shoulders are two 3-tubed missiles launchers. When they are fired, the Battle Machine’s chest lights up.

Laser Eyes: The 3-Legged Battle Machine can fire red lasers from it’s three eyes.

Flight: The 3-Legged Battle Machine is able to fly straight up into the sky with a rocket thruster underneath it’s body.

Chest Beam: The 3-Legged Battle Machine appears to be able to fire a red beam from it’s chest. However, this was only shown in a distance.


  • There are some animation errors when the 3-Legged Battle Machine appears such as one shot where it is shown with two Pincher Claw Arms for both hands and in some shots, it’s arms got switched.
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